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We offer a wide range of professional, confidential and affordable investigations throughout New York City and, The State of New York.

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Witness Locating / Statements
We have dealt with hundreds of witness location cases. Our expert private investigators will search public records, identify critical links, navigate the name variations and address changes, and, often, locate your witness that may provide information that is valuable to your case.
Insurance Investigations
Investigations are an absolute necessity for any insurer. From the average person who tends to stretch his stories to be slightly more favorable to the full-time con artist who stages accidents. Many people are less than 100 percent honest when dealing with insurance companies. By launching investigations into questionable claims, insurers can save thousands of dollars per fraudulent claims, and millions every year.
Criminal / Civil Investigations
Out investigative services can be crucial in establishing the facts surrounding a legal problem. Our private investigator staff can provide legal support in conjunction with your legal representation as an effective means of substantiating your case. Our experienced private investigators are trained to locate and interview potential witnesses and take their statements, as well as to investigate and document accident scenes. These services can make the difference between winning and losing a case.
Missing Persons / People Locating
It is often very simple for professionally trained NYC Private Investigators to locate missing persons. In many instances, the people considered to be missing have simply moved without notifying everyone they know. Other cases of missing persons may not be so simple. If the person that you need to find had a history of excessive debt or difficulty repaying money loaned to him, he may have fled his life, making a conscious decision to tell as few people as possible his destination. People who flee from debt or the law often leave a very scanty paper trail. We will find and follow that trail until we locate your person.
Infidelity / Matrimonial Investigations
Spouses and partners unfortunately aren’t always as faithful as they promise to be. Any of our services can be provided to discreetly and professionally help you determine if a prospective partner has been truthful in representing their relationships, background, history and personal situation. Although this investigation is often requested by one of the partners in the relationship, we have also helped parents; children and concerned friends obtain or, verify the truth concerning an individual. Our NYC private investigators will provide you with video or, photographic proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue if the investigation has negative results.
Although we specialize in providing surveillance services to spouses who suspect their partner of infidelity, our NYC private investigator staff is experienced in all types of surveillance including child custody issues, teen activity and suspected abuse. We understand that domestic investigations are emotionally difficult and guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation.
Worker's Compensation
Worker’s compensation fraud costs insurance companies and the public 60 billion dollars per year. Employers must investigate individual cases to prevent themselves from being taken advantage of. One of the only ways fraud can be determined is by proving that the individual can return to work and be productive. People often obtain jobs where they can earn cash and hide their income to avoid discovery. Investigators can catch someone out of work with a bad back refereeing basketball games, or performing strenuous work around the house. Such findings relieve employers and taxpayers of funding a healed person’s extended vacation.
Nationwide Background Checks
The purpose of a background check is for peace of mind. People request background checks for numerous reasons that include but, are not limited to; pre-marital, date check, child custody, nannies, business and more. Our standard background check includes verification of name, address history, social security number, and statewide criminal history search. Additionally, we have a network of criminal investigators that can perform courthouse research throughout the United States.
Complete Nationwide Skip-Tracing Services
Webster’s dictionary defines Skip Tracer as a person employed to locate persons who disappeared leaving unpaid bills. Now, the meaning is much broader and skip tracing covers more industry and individuals than ever before.

Skip Tracers are professionals who specialize in locating those who have “disappeared on purpose”.

Industries use Skip Tracers to find customers who have run out on their bills; Attorneys use Skip Tracers to find witnesses. Creditors use Skip Tracers to locate debtors, and executors use Skip Tracers to find heirs.

Finding people is what Skip Tracers do! Not vehicles, not houses, not assets, but the people who hold the assets and don’t want to be found, or those who don’t know they have money coming to them or who have family looking for them, or those who don’t know they’re missing.

Pre-Employment Screening
Do you own a small business and need to hire trustworthy employees? As long as business owners have hired other people to help operate their business, cunning employees have been plotting to reap as many benefits from the job as possible, both honestly and dishonestly. But, never before has employee theft been as commonplace as it is today. While inventory “shrinkage” may be an inescapable fact of life for any business, you can significantly reduce your losses by examining job candidates, employment and criminal histories before making hiring decisions.
Tenant Screening
For apartment owners, landlords or anyone dealing with rentals or leasing, we offer security screening of potential tenants that include but, are not limited to; credit check, eviction check, employment verification, reference verification and criminal history.
Photography and Video
Every sneak, crook, and criminal knows it can be very difficult to prove something happened without a witness. Accusations founded on suspicion rarely accomplish anything. Photography and video can serve the purpose of extra eyes. In many instances Photography and video are better than an eyewitness. After all, the accused can always counter-accuse a human witness of lying. Photography and video, on the other hand, are incontestable.
Landline / Cellphone Investigations
If you have a phone number or numbers that you wish to know the person or persons associated with them, our phone number investigation service can provide the answers. The standard result includes name(s) and address(es).

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